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Mammoth Gosha of Anzhu is visiting us again

Mamutas Goša iš AnžuWith some delay due to COVID-19, we are pleased to announce that mamuth Gosha is back. Come and see it from July 29th to September 20th.

This excursion is a part of exhibition in VU Geological Museum.

This is second time  one can see a complete (!) skeleton of a mammoth, named Gosha of Anzhu. It was found in the island of Koteln - the largest island in the Anzhu archipelago of New Siberia, Yacutia, Russian Federation (see map). This northernmost discovery of mammoth was found during an expedition in 2003.

There are other impressive things to see - minerals, rocks, fossils...

Registration is compulsory and only people who will wear masks, keep safe distance and leave contact information (locator form)  free willingly can be registered. Data will be used in case of outbreak of COVID-19 ONLY.

We can accept 20 person at most. Tours will be available on Saturdays as well.

Registration online is HERE.  It in Lithuanian only, however, choose day  (NB! YYYY-MM-DD) and time in the second column ("Laikas") and  click "Registruotis". If something else written - that time slot is busy.


NOTE:  Please follow general information as situation may change and excursions may be canceled.

For more info please contact  dr. Eugenija Rudnickaitė (in English is OK) by email:


2020-01-30/ Update 2020-07-28

5th International Meeting of Early-stage Researchers in Palaeontology​

Postponed to 2021

Vyks Naujojoje  Akmenėje 2020 metų gegužės 18-21 dienomis.

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Films series on geological history of Lithuania

There is a series (5 so far) of "in-house" made films from Lithuanian and Scandinavia. In Lithuanian.



  1 laida Gamtos skulptorius ledynas

  2 laida Ar sugris ledynas

  3 laida Atviros gyvybės laikai

  4 laida Gamtos skulptorius ledynas

  5 laida Lietuvos gelmių aruodai

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